03 December 2019


LTO summons doctor-driver involved in viral road rage videos

Quezon City, Philippines—The Land Transportation Office (LTO) yesterday issued a Show Cause Order to the driver, said to be a doctor, involved in two (2) road rage incidents, caught by video cameras and posted at social media sites.

In the Order dated December 2, 2019, the LTO directed Mr.  Tomas Joaquin C. Mendez to appear at the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of the LTO Central Office in East Avenue, Quezon City on December 5, 2019, 2:00 p.m.

He is also to file a Sworn Explanation/Comment and show cause on why he should not be administratively liable under Section 27 of Republic Act No. 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

Section 27  gives the LTO Assistant Secretary the authority to suspend and the exclusive power to revoke any driver’s license issued if he has reason to believe that the holder is an improper person to operate motor vehicles, or in operating or using a motor vehicle in, or as an accessory to, the commission of any crime or act which endangers the public.

The LTO said that failure on the part of Mr. Mendez to appear and submit his Sworn Explanation/Comment will be construed as a waiver of his right to be heard in the proceeding. He will, however, be informed of the result of the evaluation of his case.

It may be recalled that Mr. Mendez appeared in two (2) viral videos wherein he was seen verbally abusing other drivers and passenger/s he had road traffic altercations with.