TO :  All Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors,
   Heads of New Registration Units (NRUs)
   Heads of District/Extension Offices Authorized to Process New Registration
   All Concerned Personnel
   This Office
DATE :  04 September 2020

This Office has already started issuing the new series of motorcycle plates composed of three numeric and three alpha characters (ex. 123AAA) to NCR West, Regions 3 and 4A. Subsequently, the new plates series will be distributed nationwide to all NRUs and to the DOs/EOs authorized to process new registration.

First to be issued with the new series of plates are those motorcycles registered for 2018 onwards which were not issued a physical plate number. Once the new series of MC plates are distributed to the concerned offices, the following guidelines should be strictly observed:

  1. The Regional Office distributes the plates to their respective NRUs and DOs/EOs authorized to process new registration based on the list of the new assigned plates.
  2. The list shall be used as basis in the updating of the MC plates using the Plate Maintenance Facility.
  3. The concerned NRU/DO/EO shall ensure that all the actual MC plates received are updated in the system. This shall be done in batches depending on what they received from the Central Office.
  4. After the MC plates are updated in the system, a blanket RSU to reprint Certificate of Registration (CR) and the list of updated MC plates shall be prepared for submission to Customer Care. This is done to allow the reprinting of CR without incurring any cost to the owner of the motorcycle.
  5. The NRU or authorized DO/EO shall reprint the CR upon the request of the registered owner or the concerned dealer in case the unit is under financing.
  6. The Site Support shall send a message to Customer Care thru MIRC to allow the reprinting of the CR.
  7. The Releasing Clerk / authorized personnel prints the new CR with the new assigned plate number indicated in it after receiving a consent from Customer Care.

For your guidance and strict compliance.



Assistant Secretary