LTODC-ITB No.    :   2021-001-A                         
Date                      :   02 November 2021                              


Dear Sir/Madam:

Please quote your offer price in the items indicated below and submit your proposal printed in the Bid Proposal Form with your name, signature, company name (if any), address and contact numbers. Submit the duly accomplished proposal on or before December 14, 2021 at 1:00 P.M. Place your proposal together with the corresponding bid bond equivalent to 10% of the total bid amount, in a sealed envelope indicating the IT Bid Number above, your Name, Address and Contact Numbers. Unsigned proposal, proposal below the floor price and those without the corresponding bid bond shall be disqualified.


Item Name / Description Floor Price Location
1 One (1) lot consisting of Unserviceable information and communication technology equipment, Office Equipment, transportation equipment and other property, plant and equipment. 6,100.00 LTO Central Office Compound, East Ave., Quezon City
2 One (1) lot consisting of motor vehicles and office equipment (semi expendable). 28,555.00 LTO Central Office Compound, East Ave., Quezon City


A complete set of the Bid Proposal Form and Instruction to Bidders (ITB) may be acquired by interested bidders on December 10 and December 13, 2021, from the Equipment Unit, Property Section, 2nd Floor, Administrative Building, LTO Central Office Compound, East Ave, Quezon City, upon payment of the applicable fees prior to the opening of bids.

For more details, please refer to Instruction to Bidders (ITB).


Very truly yours,


Executive Director and Chairman,
LTO Disposal Committee


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