Administrative Order No. 2021-039

Consolidated Guidelines in the Classification, Registration and Operation of all Types of Electric Motor Vehicles


Administrative Order No. 2019-036

Omnibus Guidelines on the Establishment of the Digital Media-Public Assistance Office (DM-PAO) in the Central Office and Regional Offices


Administrative Order No. 2016-034

Rules and Regulations Providing for a Five-Year Validity of Driver's Licenses and Conductor's Licenses

Administrative Order No.2017-001

An Order Amending Certain Provisions of Adminstrative Order No. AVT-2014-023 Dated 23 January 2014


Joint Administrative Order No.2011-01

Rules and Regulations Implementing the Provisions of Republic Act No.10054, Entitled "An Act Mandating All Motorcycle Riders to Wear Standard Protective Motorcycle Helmets While Driving and Providing Penalties Therefor"

Administrative Order No. BGC-AO-99004

Implementing Rules and Regulations Governing the Installation and Use of Seat Belt Devices and Seat Belt Anchorage

Administrative Order No.2000-81

Implementing Rules and Regulations for Republic Act 8749

Administrative Order No.2017-035

Sales Reporting of Motor Vehicle Under the "Do-It-Yourself" System


Administrative Order No.AVT-2015-031

Rrevised Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Non-Professional Driver's Licenses

Administrative Order No.AVT-2015-030

Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Student Driver's Permit

Administrative Order No.AVT-2015-029

Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Professional Driver's Licenses and Conductors Licenses

Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 1972

Rules and Regulations Governing the Supervision and Control Over Driving School

Administrative Order No. 2 Series of 1980

Rules and Regulations Governing the Supervision and Control Over Student Driver's School

Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01

Revised Schedule of Fines and Penalties for Violation of Laws, Rules and Regulations Governing Land Transportation Office

Administrative Order No. 2014-025

Amendment of Administrative Order Nos. 84A0-003 and 96-001 regarding the Staggered Monthly Registration of Motor Vehicles and Issuance of Different Plate numbers to Motor Vehicles, the Classification of which are Changed, respectively

Administrative Order No. 2014-024

Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Sales Reporting and Initial Registration of Brand New and Other Motor Vehicles

Administrative Order No. 2014-023

Revised Rules and Regulations on the Accreditation and Stock Reporting of Manufacturers, Assemblers, Importers, Rebuilders, Dealers and Other Entities Authorized to Import Motor Vehicles and/or its Components