RECORDING OF MVs (Circular No. 71, series of 1981)

1. Imported MV’s

Import Entry Declaration
Packing List
Bill of Lading /Airway Bill
Commercial Invoice from Country of Origin
Bureau of Customs Certificate of Payment (owner’s copy)
Official Receipt of payment of taxes and duties

2. Locally Purchased

Sales Invoice
Certificate of Stock Reported
3. Renewal/Issuance of Security Plates/Stickers (AO-82-004 dated August 18, 1982)
(Note: validate this per AO-82-004)

Request from the government official
Approved application by the NICA
Application indicating therein the motor and chassis numbers, plate number, MV file number for which security plates is applied for
Photocopies of the certificate of registration and the current official receipt of payment of latest MVUC and other fees

4. Change Color

Original Certificate of Registration (CR)
Original Official Receipt (OR) or payment of latest MVUC and other fees
Affidavit of change color
PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certificate
Duly accomplished and Approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

5. Re-stamping of Engine/Chassis numbers (MC-84MC-DIR-017;MC- 85-012)

Original Certificate of Registration (CR)
Current Official Receipt of payment of MVUC and other fees
Affidavit explaining the reason or need for the re-stamping
Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
Endorsement of the district office that issued the latest CR to the PNP/TMG
Laboratory examination of the Crime Laboratory (PNPCL)
Report and recommendation from PNP-TMG
Approval of the Regional Director

6. Stamping of Local Chassis Identification Number (Backyard assemblers of rebuilt motor vehicles) (MC-542-2004 dated September 15, 2004)
(Note: transferred to annex)

Sales Invoices of materials used in the fabrication of chassis
Affidavit of fabrication by the owner and backyard assembler
Ocular inspection report from MVIS or by the Regional Office or by the designated district office
Official Receipt of payment of certification fee for assignment of chassis identification number by the Regional Office
Certification letter equivalent to Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR) issued by the Regional Office in compliance with RA 6539, the Anti-Carnapping Act

7. Payment Through Postal Money Order (PMO) and Certified Checks Paid as Deposit for Motor Vehicle Users Charge (MVUC) (MC-89-100 dated February 15, 1989; MC 91-143 dated November 20, 1991; MC 775 dated August 14, 2006 )

It shall be made payable to the Land Transportation Office
In case the PMO or the certified check is less than the basic registration fee, impose Fifty Percent (50%) penalty thereon
In case the PMO or the certified check is more than the amount due, the excess shall be automatically credited/applied to the next registration year of the same MV
Payments received through PMO, Cashier’s Manager’s Check shall be acknowledged using the Deposit Payment Facility at the Input Clerk or Cashier’s work step. The first Official Receipt (OR) shall not be released until the supporting documents are submitted by the registrant.
There must be only one (1) PMO payment for every MV
All PMO payments must be accompanied by photocopy of the latest OR and CR of the MV being paid for.
In case the name of the registered owner differs from the PMO remitter per supporting documents submitted, the PMO payment shall not be applied and the corresponding MVUC with fifty (50%) penalty shall be collected.
Upon submission of all the supporting documents, together with the OR for payment of stickers and Legal Research Fund by the registrant, the district office shall issue the second Official Receipt
In case the PMO was transmitted without the required OR and CR, the name of the remitter appearing in the PMO shall be indicated in the OR acknowledging the PMO.