TO:  All Regional Directors
All Assistant Regional Directors
All Chiefs of Central Office Operations Division, Administrative Division and Management Information Division
Heads of District/Extension Offices
All Employees Concerned 
 DATE: 20 April 2018

In the furtherance of public service, this Office will be launching the LTO Online Appointment System. This web-based application enables the transacting public to conveniently schedule an appointment to a particular District Office/Licensing Center to process the following transactions only:

  • Motor Vehicle Plain Renewal Registration; and,
  • Drivers License Plain Renewal

To ensure its orderly implementation, below are the guidelines to be followed:


A. The Online Appointment System can be accessed through;
B. It can only be used to secure appointments for MV Renewal and DL Renewal transactions;
C. It allocates slots on a first come, first served basis:
D. Limited slots are available per site (initially 5 slots per hour, 8AM-4PM) and there is no guarantee that a slot will always be available for a user's first choice for an appointment schedule;
E. Users will be required to print their Appointment Slips to be presented during their transaction to LTO;
F. The user accepts the responsibility to provide and ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information pmvided to the system;
G. The user consents to the collection and use of their personal information for LTO's checking and validation purposes;
H. Users who will deliberately attempt to elude the system to secure multiple schedule by biocking several siots shall be blacklisted;
I. The LTO Regional Office shall designate District Offices/Licensing Centers that can cater transactions scheduled from the Online Appointment System;
J. These identified LTO sites shall designate a Special Lane (Evaluator window) where the client who reserved a slot from the Online Appointment System can immediately be directed to;
K. Only the specific Motor Vehicle (MV) or Driver's License (DL) applied with appointment shall be accommodated by the District Office/Licensing Center. Processing of another MV/DL transaction in addition to the confirmed appointment shall not be entertained. Client shall be advised to go to the regular lane to process his/her additional MV/DL transaction;
L. A transaction shall only be accommodated within the allotted time slot on a first come, first served basis. An applicant who came late of his/her appointment schedule shall not be accommodated at the Special Lane. He/She shall be advised to process his/her transaction in a regular lane; and,
M. In the event of work suspension due to force majeur and/or special holidays, all appointments scheduled for the day shall be accepted the next working day.


1. When a client with online appointment arrives at the LTO, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) shall require the presentation of Appointment Slip and other requirements for MV/DL Renewal transaction.
2. The CSR shall attach/stamp the Appointment Slip with a Special Queuing Number and direct the client to proceed to the designated Special Lane.
3. The Evaluator assigned in the Special Lane shall validate the appointment online using the Viewing Facility and immediately process the transaction based on the Special Queuing Number
4. After the Evaluator workstep, the client's transaction shall be merged with the rest of the transactions in the DO/LC and shail now be part of the regular queue in the LTO-IT System.

a. For DL Renewal transaction, the client will have to wait for his turn at the Photosig, Cashier and Releasing worksteps
b. For MV Renewal transaction, the client will have to wait for his turn at the Cashier and Releasing worksteps


The Online Appointment System comes with a Viewing Facility where authorized LTO users can retrieve and print the list of appointments for a specific date, view the appointment details and update the status of each appointment record.

A. The DO/LC shall designate an LTO employee (preferably the Evaluator assigned at the Special Lane) who will be authorized to access the Online Appointment System's Viewing Facility.
B. Only the authorized personnel, using their assigned user name and password, should log into the Viewing Facility.
C. The list of appointments for the day can be viewed or printed from the Viewing Facility to facilitate processing of transactions.
D. Upon processing of the transaction, the status of the transaction should be updated to "Completed".
E. The status of all records that were not transacted should be updated and tagged as "No Show".

For strict compliance.


Assistant Secretary