TO: All Regional Directors
All Assistant Regional Directors
All Chiefs of Central Office Operations Division, Administrative Division and Management Information Division
Heads of District/Extension Offices
All Employees Concerned
 DATE:  20 April 2018

With the thrust to modernize LTO public services, this Office will be commencing with the phased deployment of the LTO Kiosk, a self-service kiosk designed to provide detailed information about various LTO services, announce latest public advisories and provide pertinent LTO-related information. Tile first pilot unit has been deployed at Oiliman District Office last December 28, 2017 and has proven to be useful for LTO clierits. Subsequent batches of units shall be deployed in the coming months.

Moreover, the LTO Kiosk allows the public to electronically renew their MV registration. This will help decongest LTO sites and improve service efficiency.

Initial deployment of the LTO Kiosk's MV Renewal function will commence at Diliman District Office on April 24, 2018.

In line with this. below are the guidelines for the LTO Kiosk MV Renewal:

1. The MV Renewal system will process only plain renewal of Private and For-Hire motor vehicles U1at do not have any pending alarms and/or apprehensions.
    Tricycles and vehicles with renewal of permits are not allowed to renew via the LTO Kiosk.
    For MV Renewal transactions that do not fall under the above conditions, regular MV Renewal processing shall be followed.

2. LTO sites that have been provided with LTO Kiosk units equipped with the MV Renewal function are directed to identify an MV Inspector and Customer Service Representative responsible for the use of the LTO Kiosk MV Renewal.

  • The MV Inspector will be ultimately responsible for the upkeep, safety, and operations of the LTO Kiosk.

    - A username and password will be assigned, which must be kept confidential at all times;
    - Log in and shut down the LTO Kiosk during Start of Day and End of Day;
    - Log out from the MV Renewal when not in use;
    - Ensure that the LTO Kiosk is clean and functioning at all times;
    - Report any issue and concern to the assigned Stradcom Site Support.

  • The Customer Service Representative shall be responsible in assisting the applicants who wish to use the LTO Kiosk.

3. The MV Renewal system requires the applicant to input the MV File Number and any of the following: Plate Number, Engine Number, or Chassis Number. The system will automatically determine if the applicant has met all of the following criteria:

  • the applicant has an existing LTO record
  • the applicant has an existing Certificate of Cover and Certification of Emission Compliance permits
  • the application date is no earlier than 1 month from the prescribed renewal date and is no later than the registration month
  • the applicant does not have any pending transactions (e.g. unclaimed license plates)
  • the applicant does not have any existing alarms and/or unsettled apprehensions

In case any of the abovementioned 1s not satisfied, an error prompt shall be displayed and the applicant will have to go through normal processing for his/her MV renewal transaction,

4. Once validated by the system, the assisting LTO personnel shall input the Motor Vehicle's MVIR Number and Date of Inspection.

  • The MV inspection date must not be later than the current date
  • The MVIR Report is valid for only 3 months after the inspection date

5. Fees to be paid shall be displayed by the LTO Kiosk and the transaction will be queued for payment. The LTO personnel must direct the applicant towards the LTO Cashier area where his/her name shall be called once the transaction is for payment.

All other processes and procedures not discussed or superseded herein shall be maintained.


For strict compliance.

Assistant Secretary