TO :                          All Regional Directors, All Assistant Regional Directors
                                  All Regional Operations Chiefs
                                  All Head of District/Extension Offices and
                                  All Employees Concerned   

 DATE :                      11 April 2018


It has come to the attention of this Office that there are owners of Bajaj RE Compact 45 F and RE 4 Stroke model units who failed to process their change classification transactions from private to "for hire" due to the system requirment of LTFRB franchise.

Upon checking the sample documents, it appears that said units were registered under the denomination Non-Conventional Motorcycle (NV MC). On the Official Receipt (OR), however, it is classified as Non-Conventional Motor Vehicle. Hence, when the owner of the unit requests for change classification after securing a franchise from their Local Government Unit (LGU), the system requires an LTFRB franchise, which is issued only to public utility jitneys, trucks, buses, taxis and UV Express, including TNVS.

In view thereof, it is hereby directed that all concerned personnel shall ensure that the approriate denomination for this type of vehicle shall be "Non Conventional Motorcycle" and must be properly reflected on the OR and CR. For those vehicles already registered, a blanket Request for System Update (RSU) will be issued to implement this update.

There are units of subject vehicle which were initially registered for three (3) years although the engine displacement is below 200 cc, a clear violation of Administrative Order (AO) No. 010-2005.


For strict compliance.


Assistant Secretary