TO: All Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors, Chiefs
of Operation, All Heads of District/Extension Offices/Licensing
Centers, DLROs and Concerned Personnel
DATE: 24 August 2017

In order to effectively carry out a seamless parallel operation of Dermalog Identification Systems'(DIS) Automated Fingerprint Idenfication System (AFIS) and Stradcom Corporation's Driver's Licensing System (DLS) in the printing of driver's license (DL) cards with five (5) years validity, the following guidelines are to be observed, effective immediately:


This shall apply to all transactions in the application for new, delinquent, renewal/duplicate with revision of records and plain renewal/duplicate of driver's and conductor's license processed only through the LTO-IT system.


  1. All existing procedures and process flow for new, delinquent, renewal/dupllicate with revision of records and plain renewal/duplicate of driver's and conductor's license shall apply.
  2. After payment of the approved new, delinquent, renewal/duplicate with revision of records and plain renewal/duplicate of driver's and conductor's license, the applicant shall be advised to wait for his/her name to be called at the Encoding/Biometric workstation. The cashier shall forward all coduments to the releasing officer.
  3. The releasing officer shall search the applicant's customer and license details using the DL Transaction Inquiry facility for viewing and print a screenshot of the said details. The Chief may assign any other officer to print the said screenshot. The printed screenshot and other documents shall then be forwarded to the Encoding/Biometrics workstation.
  4. The applicant shall be called to review the DL card details during/after encoding. The Encoder shall encode all required details of the DL based on the screenshot. Except for the Blood Type and Emergency Contact Person and Number, all details shall be taken from the printed screenshot of the DLS.
    After encoding of data, biometrics capture of fingerprints, photo and signature, the DL card or conductor's license card shall be forwarded to the releasing window.
  5. The applicant shall be called to the releasing window to sign his/her name in the log sheet of released cards and receive the same. Thereafter, the O.R. shall be stamped "Card Released".


The DL printing process shall start after payment at the Cashier and the Encoder/Biometrics receives the printed screenshot of the customer and license details from the Releasing Officer.



  1. Request for System Update (RSU) in the LTO-IT Database

    Changes/corrections in the data of license applications shall be strictly accomplished through existing guidelines and regulations using the Request for System Update (RSU) facility in the LTO-IT System prior to printing of the DL card.

  2. Exceptions

    a.  Printing of DL cards with correction on spelling of name and address, height, weight and gender shall be allowed, provided, RSU is made immediately at the back-end of
         the process.

         Documentary requirements:
         i.  Name - NSO birth certificate
        ii.  Address - valid I.D. with corresponding address
       iii.  Height and weight - medical certificate
       iv.  Sex - birth certificate or court order

    b.  Errors committed during or after the encoding of license number and the biometrics captured of fingerprints, photo and signature shall be corrected using Dermalog's AFIS
         and adjudicated at the Management and Information Division (MID).

These guidelines and procedures are undertaken to safeguard the integrity of the IT database. Personnel found responsible for the intentional and willful irregular utilization of the facilities shall be dealt with accordingly.

For strict compliance.



Assistant Secretary