All Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors
Heads of District and Extension Offices
Heads of Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (MVICs)
Chief, Law Enforcement Service
All Officials and Employees Concerned

DATE: 26 February 2018


Consistent with the following mandates of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to ensure that:

  1. All motor vehicles operated throughout the country are roadworthy, pursuant to R.A. 4136, Article 3 which states that "The Commisioner, (now, Assistant Secretary) or his deputies may at any time examine and inspect any motor vehicle to determine whether such motor vehicle is registered, improperly marked or equipped, or otherwise unfit to be operated because of possible excessive damage to highways, bridges and/or culvers.", and
  2. All motor vehicles are compliant with the allowed emission standards, pursuant to the IRR of R.A 8794, Rule XXXII, Section 1 which states that "Emission Standards for In-Use Vehicles. - All in-use motor vehicles, and vehicles with updated/enhanced engine whose chassis are pre-registered with DOTC/LTO will only be allowed renewal of registration upon proof of compliance of the emission standard descrived below. The DOTC/LTO shall conduct the vehicle test utilizing the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS) or its duly authorized and accredited inspection centers consistent with the R.A. 7394 otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines within sixty (60) days prior to date of registration."

It is hereby directed that:

  1. All LTO personnel concerned (e.g. Evaluator, Inspector, Approving Officer [District Office/MVIS Chief] shall strictly follow the mandatory procedures for the inspection of motor vehicles in the evaluation and processing of the application for renewal of registration and those falling under "miscellaneous transations" as laid down in the Office's MANUAL ON MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM, YEAR 2016 under STANDARD AND METHODS OF INSPECTION).
  2. A motor vehicle which passed inspection shall be issued a corresponding Certificate of Motor Vehicle Inspection System Compliance (CMVISC) and Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR).
  3. A motor vehicle which failed inspection shall have its front license plate confiscated and be issued a Motor Vehicle Inspection System Report (MVISR).
  4. A monitoring system shall be established. All MVICs shall maintain a logbook, wherein a list of all motor vehicles which passed and failed the required inspection shall be recorded.
  5. The MVISR shall also serve as temporary permit valid for five (5) days for the operation of the unit in order to have the defects corrected, and undergo a follow-up inspection.
  6. A motor vehicle which failed to undergo the follow-up inspection shall be placed on 'alarm' with the LTO IT System after the lapse of the five (5)-day grace period.
  7. All motor vehicles which fialed inspection found operating after the lapse of the five (5)-day grace period shall be apprehended and impounded, and charged with the appropriated fines and penalties.

For your guidance and strict compliance.




Assistant Secretary